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GREAT weekend!

Friday, I worked like crazy moving things out of our old office into the new office! Tomorrow will be unpacking day...HUZZUH! ;)

Last night, I went over to a friend's house and we had a bonfire, which was LOTS of fun!!! I stayed out til nearly 4 AM, so today, I'm a bit on the tired side, but it was so worth it!!! :D We're having another big one in a few weeks for my birthday...I feel special! *squees*

I cannot believe that I only work three days this week, and then it's Thanksgiving!!! It seems like this year has just FLOWN by!!! I moved here like 6 and a half months ago, and now I have a great job and I have made some AWESOME friends! It has been a pretty great year, I'd say!

One of my friends is totally into NASCAR, so I am trying to watch it. YAY for Jimmie Johnson! I just wish it had been Dale Jr. (Jr. <333!!!)


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Nov. 20th, 2006 07:50 am (UTC)
LOL, NASCAR. Oh dear. So when I was little, my dad would watch it, and I would say, "Fast cars, Daddy!" Fast forward to now....my ex-bf LOVES NASCAR. So this summer, I actually started watching it again (I would watch it randomly before). And he goes, "I can't believe you're watching NASCAR," and I said, "neither can I" (this is after we broke up). And yesterday, I had been watching "Tombstone" and NASCAR came on after it, so I just kept watching. And I knew he was watching (we were talking on YIM), so I said, "she sounds flat" about the girl who was singing the National Anthem, and he goes, "I love how you know what I'm watching" LOL And a side note, my ex is 100% Mexican, yet he LOVES country music and NASCAR. Made me happy, since I love country music (it was cute when he found out I liked it, he was so excited that he didn't have to "hide" it anymore, haha), and he's a main reason I realized that I really am a country girl, because most of my other friends don't like country music, so I couldn't really listen to it with them.

(I'm in a talkative mood, lol, so that's why you just got a very long story, hahaha)
Nov. 21st, 2006 12:19 am (UTC)
HAHA! It was more exciting than I thought it would be. I think when the season starts up again, I will try. My relatives like it a lot too, so why not? ;)
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